Some Interesting Facts on Friendship

Are you the social types with a large number of friends and prefer to spend a lot of time with them? Or are you a recluse who has only a few select band of friends and yet can live life to the fullest? Whichever category you might fall in, friendship happens to be an integral part of everybody’s life. Most importantly it is crucial to our well being because it fosters companionship and provides an opportunity to have people around to spend time with, share experiences and confide to in difficult times.

Here are a few interesting facts about friendship that you will surely find to be quite informative. Incidentally, Friendship Day is celebrated the world over on the first Sunday of August.

  • There are some animal species that form long lasting friendships and not necessarily from the same species. This is true especially for chimpanzees, elephants, dolphins, baboons and horses. You must also have seen your pet dog and cat having a close and lasting bond.

  • The body and the mind longs for companionship and this has been proved by studies conducted across the world. It reduces stress and guards the body from illness as well as speeding up the healing process. In case of major illnesses, people who have a strong and closely bonded social network have a greater possibility of pulling through. It is because the close support and concern of friends help a lot.

  • Those who have a large circle of friends and like to bond with them closely will simply love this nugget of information. A group of scientists from the University of Virginia studied brain scans of a group of 22 different people who were told that they or their friends or some strangers will receive electric shocks. It was seen that the brain activity was the same when told about danger to themselves and their friends. This is essentially what friendship is all about – being equally concerned about friends as of self.

Another 10 year study at the Centre for Ageing at the University of Flinders showed that having a network of close friends helped more than close relatives in prolonging longevity. People over 70 with a circle of friends lived 22% longer than those without one.

  • The Beatles released their classic hit “With a Little Help from Friends” in 1967 in commemoration of the 10th International Friendship Day.

Having close friends to stand by you and to be with you through the journey of life is something that should be counted more of a blessing than just mundane relationships.